Hey there! I'm Heather Carrigan

Chief Creative in the FLAX FLORISTRY SCHOOL
- a NZ based Micro business

I have been a florist for over twenty five years and have so much to share with you!
Our property in Tangowahine, Kaipara, New Zealand is set up as a Pa Harakeke (NZ flax farm) and all our harvesting, processing, dyeing and creativity happens right here.
I love people and am a natural cheerleader.  Nothing makes me happier than encouraging others to reach their full potential and seeing them learn new skills.
These attributes lend themselves beautifully to teaching and I can't wait to give you my beautiful flax floristry skills!

Hey there! I'm Heather Carrigan

Ready to start creating with Flax Flowers? Then you're in the right place. 

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I've got a lot to show you. 

After years of running Flax & Fibre, I have learned so many skills through trial and error; utilising harakeke as a professional floristry material meant pioneering new techniques.

I've had some real high points and heartbreaks. How to process and produce high quality flax flowers in bulk and to a standard of excellence is something I have learned on my own, over time, and want to share what I have learned with others.

How to use these beautiful flowers to create lasting treasures is something I want to make accessible for everyone - there is enough room for us all!

In my Flax Floristry School, I will teach you to create beautiful bouquets and arrangements just like you see on my Flax & Fibre Facebook page.

This time next year you could be producing work as beautiful and creative as the examples that drew you to Flax & Fibre in the first place!  The way I work is not the only way to prepare and arrange flax flowers but it's the way we do it at Flax & Fibre and I want to share that with you.

At FLAX FLORISTRY SCHOOL you will learn what to do with your flax flowers after you have created them, rather how to make flax flowers. You may already know how to make flax flowers, but if you are yet to learn, I suggest you get hold of the holy grail of flax flower making, Ali Brown's book 'Weaving Flowers From New Zealand Flax'. 

This fabulously comprehensive book of flax flower making tutorials is available to purchase online - click here. It is also available in libraries throughout NZ, and if your local library does not have a copy - make sure you request they order one in.

All the projects we will create can be made with flowers taught in Ali's book. Our tutorials will be using flowers similar to "Camelia" pg 21, English Rose pg 27, Hibiscus pg 11, Lotus Petals pg 79, Arum Lily pg 56, and Koru and Spiral pg 118. There are also lots of flax flower video tutorials online on both Ali's website and on YouTube. Check them out!