Flax Flower Production

Learn to produce professional quality flowers for profit.



In this online course, flax florist Heather Carrigan shares the practical systems and processes used in her business ‘Flax & Fibre’ that make flax flower production efficient, sustainable and profitable.

This module covers

• Establishing a Satellite Pa Harakeke

• Harvesting

• Speed Processing

• Boiling

• Drying/Storage

• Flower Tutorials – Tulip, Koru/Spiral/Bullrush, Half Rose, Standard Rose, Winter Rose, Lily, Hibiscus, Woven Leaves and Giant Lilies

• Drying and storage tips for completed flax flowers

Heather's step-by-step lesson gives clear and simple instructions for you to confidently make professional quality flax flowers quickly and cost effectively.

Harakeke (NZ Flax) is plentiful and free.
The Flax Floristry School course on Flax Flower Production will provide you with the knowledge to harvest your way to a fulfilling hobby or profitable career in flax floristry.


This course is only $799

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